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2007 Allegro Bus
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2008 Allegro Bus 40QRP Review


I recently inspected a 2008 Allegro Bus 40QRP at King's Campers in Wausau, WI. This new addition to the Allegro Bus line is unique in that it offers a front kitchen floor plan. Tiffin introduced this model in response to a number of customer requests for various innovations. One benefit is that it offers a mid coach TV location. A further benefit is the improved weight distribution. RVs have a Gross Vehicle Weight Rating (GVWR). The difference between the empty weight and fully loaded weight (GVWR) is the Cargo Carrying Capacity (CCC). 40' rear engined diesel pushers tend to have an adequate CCC but it isn't proportioned between the axles as well as it should be. The front axle has a Gross Axle Weight Rating (GAWR) of 14,600 lbs while the GAWR of the rear axle is 20,000 lbs. Together this gives a GVWR of 34,600 lbs. However, if all the weight is located over the rear axle, it will be overweight at that axle so you need to shift as much weight as possible to the front axle. This is a common problem with a single axle diesel pushers because the heavy powertrain, bathroom, and plumbing tanks reside near the rear of the coach. By locating the heavy galley area forward on the 40QRP this coach should have a more favorable front to rear weight ratio. This is one of the biggest benefits to a front kitchen design. Because it's something totally new, I gave it a very thorough inspection and took lots of pictures. I'm posting this so that the TiffinRVNetwork members can see some pictures and descriptions of this great coach.

Note that I have also uploaded larger 1024x768 (XGA) images in addition to the smaller ones shown in this review. If you want to view a larger picture simply click on the image in the review and a new window with a full screen image will appear.

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Mark Quasius - "Cruzer"




The Review

The 40QRP utilizes the standard chassis options available to any 40' Allegro Bus. This includes the buyer's choice of Freightliner, Spartan, or Tiffin's own Powerglide chassis. This particular model was on a Spartan chassis. In the 2008 model year all Allegro Busses come with a 425 HP Cummins ISL engine, which puts out 1,200 ft-lbs of torque and is coupled to an Allison 3000 series 5 speed transmission. All chassis feature a side radiator design. These engines are all the new ULSD fueled engines with Diesel Particulate Filters that meet the requirements of the new emissions regulations that affect all new diesel engines.

This coach had a number of options, including a residential refrigerator and the new external TV built into the slideout. The coach I looked at had a MSRP sticker price of $291,025 and was loaded up with plenty of options, including a residential refrigerator, in-motion satellite TV, exterior TV built into the slide-out, and 3,000 watt inverter. That puts a typical net sale price just under $220,000.


The 40QRP that I viewed at King's Campers was in the Gold Coral full body paint color scheme. The 2008 Allegro Bus paint scheme has been changed from the 2007 model year. All Tiffin coaches feature heavier use of black on the front upper portion of the coach.


Bus logo


The above images show some of the features. The Allegro Bus features many standard items that are optional on other coaches. This quad slide coach is equipped with aluminum wheels, chrome mirrors, full body paint, Hadley air horns, side view cameras, and window awnings. This profile shows the new awnings and slide covers that were introduced in the 2007 model year. The awning and slide toppers are no longer exposed but are now encased in black covers that hide an ugly awning material, help protect it, and really give a high end look to the coach.


ext TV

This coach also featured an optional exterior LCD TV in the curbside kitchen slideout. This design affords greater viewing when a number of people are seated in the patio area and also frees up a basement compartment. The high definition LCD is fed via HDMI feeds from the central video switching system. For a look at an exterior LCD TV in the opened position be sure to look at the Phaeton 36 QSH review on this website.


The Chassis

This particular coach came on the Spartan Mountain Master GT chassis. It features a GVWR of 34,600 lbs and the weight placard in the closet of this particular coach gave it a 2,143 lb Cargo Carrying Capacity. The chassis uses the Cummins 425 ISL engine coupled to an Allison 3000 transmission. The 14,600 lb Tuthill front axle has Independent Front Suspension (IFS) and offers a 55 degree wheel cut. A 276" wheelbase gives this coach a nice stable ride and the 55 degree wheel cut gives it decent maneuverability for a coach of this length. To help control speed on the downgrades, a true engine compression brake is provided in addition to the service brakes which are pneumatically operated. For a complete spec sheet on this chassis check This Link in the Spartan Chassis category of the RV Tech Library. Similar data can also be found in the RV Tech Library for the Freightliner and Powerglide chassis.



In this image we see the front cap. The one piece windshield provides an excellent view of the road and scenery. The power chrome mirrors are remotely controlled and heated via controls in the driver's cockpit area.


Interior - General

rear view

The Allegro Bus interior features full ceramic tile and solid hardwood throughout. This particular coach had the Oasis interior with Cherry Cabinets. The Oasis is the mildest of the three interior choices. Summer Wind is the middle of the road while Monte Carlo is more extravagant. This rearward view shows the dinette and galley area and looks down the bathroom hall into the bedroom. The 40QRP comes standard with a 32" LCD TV built into the hutch. This popular feature eliminates having to look up over the windshield in order to view it. Unlike many floor plans,  the TV is still visible once the slides are retracted. The relocation of the couches to the mid-coach area gives occupants a clear view of the TV while work is being performed in the galley.


fwd view

This forward looking view provides a better look at the forward galley and dinette layout. The couches are Ultra-leather and the driver's side is an air coil sofa-sleeper. The Flexsteel captain's chairs are also finished in Ultra-leather. The standard configuration locates the 32" LCD TV in the hutch as shown in the previous image. In this case a complete row of cabinets extends across the top of the windshield. There is a no cost option to relocate the LCD TV to the front as in traditional designs. The mid coach TV position now becomes a storage area in the hutch cabinet. A third option is to order TVs in both locations. This is an extra charge option but it gives you the ability to view TV in either location. You do lose the two center cabinets up front though when doing this.


Interior - Cockpit Area

left shade

In 2007 the front drapes have been replaced by shades. All shades are now dual roller design and feature a white privacy shade as well as a black solar mesh. A full width power shade exists for the windshield and is controlled by a pair of rocker switches at the driver's side console. The side shades are manually operated. With the exception of the toilet room and the galley sink all of the shades in the coach are now this dual roller design. The above image shows the driver's side window shades. The solar shade is pulled down farther than the privacy shade to help show the dual roller design.


rt shade 1

The passenger side consists of split shades. This view shows the solar shade pulled down at the passenger's window but the entry door is uncovered. Split shades offer better ease of entry while still retaining some solar protection.


right shade 2

In this view both privacy shades are pulled down. Trim molding is provided at the rear sides of the shades to seal up the gap between the shade and the wall and minimize light intrusion or window peepers.


door 2     door 1

The entrance door and stairwell has been widened for 2008, giving another 6" of elbow room when entering or exiting the coach. The co-pilot's location is supplied with a handy slide out workstation. This wood trimmed pull out table offers a solid place to put a laptop computer or can just be used as a reading or writing desk. The solid surface lid opens up to reveal a storage area for pencils, paper, books, or laptop accessories. The passenger side of the dash was also moved back to afford more foot room when the power foot rest is deployed on the co-pilots Flexsteel captain's chair.


Interior - Main Salon and Galley

dinette and couch

This overview of the driver's side shows the forward most dinette with the couch towards the mid-section


psgr side

The passenger side of the coach features an Amana 21 cu ft side by side residential refrigerator, a solid surface galley, and couch at the far end. The fridge is trimmed in stainless steel and features an in-door ice maker and filtered drinking water dispenser. The fridge is powered by a 3,000 watt inverter so that it will receive power at all times.



The galley features a solid surface countertop and backsplash. The Sharp microwave-convection oven is trimmed in stainless steel and the slide out galley workstation offers extra counter space for galley tasks. The drawers in the workstation are full depth and topped with more solid surface material.



The dinette offers a freestanding legless dinette table built into a solid surface buffet with storage beneath. The table extends an extra foot to provide additional room.



Immediately aft of the dinette is an 83" Ultra Leather Air Coil Sofa Sleeper which folds out into sleeping area for two. This can be replaced by dual euro recliners or a single euro recliner with computer desk if desired.


couch 2

On the passenger's side, just aft of the galley is another sofa bed, which is 62" in length. There are no optional furniture arrangements in this position.



In the center of the main salon, facing forward, is a glazed hutch. The 32" high definition LCD TV is normally located here. However, it is possible to order the 32" LCD in the front overhead position and retain this hutch as storage at no additional cost. In addition, you can order TVs in both positions at an additional charge.


Interior - Bath Area


Leaving the main salon the hallway follows the side aisle arrangement. Large windows on the driver's side flank an enclosed bathroom, which is located directly behind the TV and hutch.



The bathroom contains a shower stall with a curved sliding door which maximizes space and eliminates drips on the floor common to a hinged door. The sink, vanity, and medicine cabinet are in one corner while the toilet is near the front. Ceramic tile is found throughout the bath and hall area. A Fantastic power vent fan provides exhaust air and a skylight adds additional light but there is no window for fresh air intake.


Interior - Bedroom Area

bedroom 1

Immediately aft of the bathroom and hallway is the bedroom. A wardrobe closet is located across the back section. To the right of the wardrobe a stackable washer and dryer pair is installed. This area can be configured as storage space, with a stackable washer-dryer, or with a Splendide combo washer-drier unit top of with a shirt closet.


bedroom 2

This image shows the cabinet doors covering the washer and drier in the closed position. It also shows the sliding wardrobe doors as partially opened. In the left lower portion of the wardrobe an enclosure surrounds the 120 volt AC and 12 volt DC electrical services for the coach.


bedroom 3

The queen bed is located in the passenger side bedroom slideout. An optional king bed is available but the nightstands are drastically reduced in size. An optional Select Comfort air bed is also available. The bed does flip up and has storage underneath. Gas struts holds the bed in the raised position. A pair of windows is included in the bed slideout to offer flow through ventilation.


bedroom 4

The driver's side slideout has cabinetry and solid surface tops. A large laundry hamper is at the bottom left and various drawers and cabinets are visible. The 26" high definition LCD TV is fed video via the HDMI routing system that supplies the rest of the coach.


Basement Features

batteries 1

The coach has an electrical compartment at the rearmost curbside compartment. This compartment houses four deep cycle batteries for the electrical needs of the coach. I addition a white board mounts the charge solenoid, slideout interlock solenoid, battery disconnect relay, and various circuit breakers for the 12 volt side of things.


batteries 2


Immediately forward of the previous basement compartment is another electrical compartment. This compartment houses two more coach batteries, giving this coach a total of 6 batteries. It's possible that these extra two batteries are only included with the residential refrigerator option though. I'm not certain on that. Also, the system's 300 amp master fuse and jumper locations are found here.


120 VAC 1     120 VAC 2


When the 2008 model year bowed, Tiffin chose to place the power cord reel behind a small access hatch near the rear of the coach on the driver's side. This unhandy idea apparently was abandoned and the cord reel is now in a basement compartment. A compartment just aft of the rear axle houses the automatic transfer switch as well as the ECM modules for the engine and transmission. For some reason the cord reel is not located in this compartment but is now located in a compartment forward of the rear axle.


wet bay


The plumbing bay has a power hose reel, soap dispenser, and black tank flushing attachment as well as the usual sewer connections and water pump. A removable disc allows the sewer hose to pass through the bottom of the compartment when the door is closed. IN addition, the sewer discharge head swivels so that it can be dumped straight out the side as well.


Engine Bay and ULSD Emissions Changes

engine 1

The swing open rear engine bay doors provide handy access to most of the serviceable components. The exact arrangement of components will vary between the different chassis manufacturers. This particular coach shows a Spartan chassis.


engine 2         engine 3

The new emissions regulations present in the 2008 model year dictated a number of changes to the engine. The Diesel Particulate Filter (DPF) replaces the muffler and is much larger in size and has a number of electrical and steel tubing connections attached to it. In order to operate effectively the intake air was increased. The air filter now has a larger diameter intake pipe and the intake louvers up on the driver's side of the rear cap have been increased in number to provide less restriction.


engine 4

The DPF requires greater backpressure when performing a regeneration procedure. The exhaust pipe has now been reduced to a smaller diameter. The Spartan and Tiffin chassis exit their exhaust out the curbside but the Freightliner chassis uses a rear discharge with a diffuser on the end.



40QRP Floorplan



The Allegro Bus 40QRP is a departure from traditional designs. It's an excellent coach and offers the buyer a choice of chassis that is typically unheard of in the industry. The 40QRP's unique front kitchen offers some benefits in weight transfer between the front and rear axles. The floorplan is different from traditional layouts and will appeal to some RVers, but not all of them. If you are looking for a spacious bath area with multiple sinks this coach is not for you. If you like the idea of having the main seating area and TV all in a handy mid-coach location, this coach may be just what you're looking for. No two RVers are alike so it just offers one more option for potential Allegro Bus buyers to select from.



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